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Strategic review & facilitation

Strategy; All organisations purport to have one. Some several. Many individuals claim personal ones to help bring order and direction to their lives. 

But, ask each of the most senior executives what their strategy is, and they’ll tell you. If you’re lucky, two of them may be similar. The majority will most probably be different.  All will be very worthy and in their own way important to the business. Go down a tier in the company’s management, and chances are they will all be different. Go down one more to non-management, and there’s every chance they won’t know what you’re on about. The reality is that many strategies simply don’t exist in any meaningful way, despite their apparent existence within boardrooms, management briefings, annual reports, etc.

Our strategic review work draws on the skills and competencies of our highly experienced people. We specialise in media work (newspapers, magazines and radio). We also offer interim senior management to implement strategic change.

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Our strategic facilitation work utilises many years of high level experience, bringing disparate teams together and achieving strong contribution and buy-in. It can be challenging but fabulously rewarding. 

If you’re struggling to achieve strategic clarity or buy-in, or want to put your own thinking to the test, contact us today to learn more of how we can work with you.



“However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results!”    Winston Churchill