Ghyll Associates

Communication strategy, media & presentation excellence

Making a formal presentation, speaking at a conference/seminar, or facing a live tv or radio interview can be a daunting experience, even for highly competent managers and directors. 

Our communication, media and presentation programmes will build your skills, competency and confidence. 

We utilise recording and playback techniques to help you understand your development needs (and your progress). We work on the principle of “how others see you”. We use a live environment for tv and radio interviews, re-creating the situation to be the same as the real thing. Ever wondered what it’s like being interviewed live on tv “down the line” (the interviewer is not present, only in your earpiece)? You’re facing a business crisis and the local radio station wants you live on air in 5 minutes time. Are you up to it? We’ll let you find out and coach you on the key skills and techniques to cope with any media situation.  

Our programmes are individual and tailored to your precise requirements. We provide 1:1 coaching and support (either as general development or with a particular presentation/assignment in mind) right through to group sessions.

Our speaking and presentation programmes are enhanced by working with a stage group of accomplished and professional producers and actors. You will learn theatre techniques for voice projection, body image and presence. Great fun and a wonderful confidence builder. Every programme is unique and tailored to your precise requirements.    


Contact us to learn more of how our flexible and varied programmes can develop you and your team’s performance, in a fun, no-risk environment.


  “Wud that God the gift wud gie us

 To see oursels as others see us”


Robert Burns