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Coaches and mentors are increasingly common in business, but their work can be shrouded in a degree of myth and magic. The reality is that they can be hugely valuable and powerful sources of support and development, particularly as people progress higher within organisations. Typically, the higher you climb, the less you receive meaningful feedback on your performance – and often, when you do, it’s too late. Consequently, the most driven and personally astute managers are increasingly looking to coaches and mentors to help guide their personal development agendas and set themselves apart.

We do not have any set coaching and mentoring programmes*. Each individual’s motivation and need is precisely that – individual. We therefore take time to meet and establish the need, before proposing a programme (there is no charge for this preparatory work). Our skill is embedded in helping you achieve clarity, heightened self-awareness, direction and exceptional performance in your business life.


Beware of the blurring and confusion that can exist between coaching and mentoring. They are entirely different but, in their own right, equally powerful sources of personal and team development. As you would expect, Ghyll provides absolute clarity of purpose through either our coaching or mentoring support service.

Our flexible approach is based on face to face, telephone and email contact. Our ideal is a combination of all three.

We do not operate on fixed hourly charges, so you can be assured that if you make a call, or write an email, your costs are not escalating. We will agree with you in advance the cost and initial duration of the programme.

We offer preferential rates for self-funding individuals and charity organisations.

Unsure whether coaching is for you, or whether we are the people to do it? Experience it for yourself, in a one hour free session. Book here

* (other thanThe First 100)


"What we think or what 

we believe is, in the  

end, of little  

consequence. The  

only thing of  

consequence is  

what we do”  

John Ruskin