Ghyll Associates

Our values

At Ghyll, we have a simple set of values:


  • We do not see ourselves as trainers. It is for you to train and up-skill your people to operate your processes, your equipment and your policies.


  • We regard ourselves as coaches and change-agents. We value real behavioural change, believing that in most organisations it is only achieved as part of a co-ordinated set of actions that are inextricably linked to business plans and strategic goals. Training, in isolation, seldom delivers real transferable change.


  • We won’t take on any work unless we believe we can add significant value to you and/or your organisation. If we decline, we will do our best to propose an alternative organisation for you to contact.


  • We won’t begin any work until you and us have agreed (in writing) the brief and desired outcomes.


  • Once the delivery dates and deadlines are set, we will not change them (unless you ask us to).


  • All work we undertake for clients is confidential. We will not name you unless you have expressly agreed to it.


  • Whilst some of our work is chargeable on a day basis, the majority isn’t. We seek to build meaningful, lasting relationships with our clients, seeing things through, being available to help with the unexpected or to simply advise. The majority of our work is charged on a retained or fixed programme basis.


  • We will ask for your assessment of our work, either mid-programme (for work of more than two months duration) and/or at completion.


  • And last, but by no means least, we value your business. Thank you.

"Price is what you pay. 

Value is what you get” 

Warren Buffett