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Most organisations seek that something extra. A point of difference. The differentiator that will mark them out as the business to deal with. On the face of it, gaining such competitive advantage can be achieved in a variety of ways. At Ghyll, we believe that at the heart of exceptional performance is one fundamental issue: clarity of purpose. It’s obvious, but so often missing.

We’ll work with you and your teams to achieve that clarity, understanding, buy-in and momentum. We’ll coach and support both individuals and teams. We’ll help build confidence and competencies. But more than anything, we’ll ensure that it’s all linked up and in support of your strategic objectives. After all, why else would you want to do it?


Howard Scott

I wonder if you can remember the first time in your working life that something made such an impression on you that the experience and learning has stuck with you ever since. For me, it was a training session around clear strategic thinking. The pursuit of absolute, fundamental clarity of purpose. Needless to say, the coach delivered it brilliantly. I have taken that lesson with me through nearly 30 years of business. It has been a source of constant excitement and, in equal measure, frustration. Excitement because of the success and achievements it helped deliver in my own businesses. Frustration because so few organisations achieve true strategic clarity and purpose and thus fall short of what they are really capable of.

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Welcome to Ghyll. We exist to bring clarity and direction to both individuals and organisations. I hope you explore further with us how we can inspire you and your organisation to achieve greater clarity of purpose and the exceptional performance that will follow.